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Welcome About Us Contact Us Officers Mission Join Donate Reunions News

The purpose of the Association is to engage

in the following activities:

The Malden High School Alumni Association, Inc.’s purpose is to establish

a non-profit organization to enhance and preserve the image, prestige, and

traditions of the Malden High School; to reconnect with the graduates of

Malden High School; to create awareness of the history of the high school,

the activities, location and achievements of its graduates; to protect,

preserve and display the school’s artifacts, papers and photographs; to

develop programs, publications, newsletters, public speakers bureau, and

any and every type of communication network and outreach activity relating

to, or celebrating the graduates of Malden High School; to assist in the

solicitation and collection of money from all sources available for the

purpose of securing and expending funds for the benefit of Malden High

School, its alumni, and its students.

To carry on in connection with the foregoing, any other business

advantageous to the business of the Association, and, in general,

to do and perform every other act and thing and carry on every other

business whatsoever, convenient or proper for the accomplishment of

said purposes, including without limitation, the power to hold, contract

for, purchase, own, use, manage, operate, lease, improve, license, mortgage,

sell, borrow, take by grant, gift, or devise, dispose of or otherwise deal

with real estate, personal property, personal services and goods of any

nature or any interest therein, without limit as to amount or value, reasonably

necessary or convenient for effecting or furthering any or all of the purposes

of the Association, but as limited below.

The Association is organized exclusively for charitable, civic, benevolent

and educational purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of

distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under

section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954; and to exercise all

powers granted to corporations governed by provisions of Chapter 180 of

the Mass. General Laws.  

U.S. Department of Education