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Malden High School Alumni Association, Inc.
Name a Seat in the newly restored Jenkins Auditorium!
Each of the 904 seats in the renovated auditorium will have an attractive
plate mounted on the chair. You are invited to Name a Seat by creating
Your own message for the nameplate. You may want to honor or
memorialize a friend or relative, celebrate a reunion, or feature
your business. Naming a seat is a thoughtful gift for a birthday,
holiday, or anniversary. Name a Seat for $100.

All profits from this fundraiser will go directly
to help Malden High School students.
Chair Photo
Thornton P. Jenkins
Auditorium at
Malden High School

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"Remember a loved one in a very special, unique way."
If the plaque is ordered in time before the holidays,
we will also take a picture of it to forward to the individual who ordered it.
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MHSAA Awards 6 Grants
MHSAA seeks reunion contacts
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The Malden High School Alumni Association is looking to honor
teachers, coaches and class and club advisors in an energized
campaign to sell seat-naming rights in Jenkins Auditorium.
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Upcoming Reunions Award Grants

The MHSAA has been busy. See what we have been doing.


Organized and sponsored Homecoming events in

2008, 2009,2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. Planning for our seventh

this fall. Want to help?

Held 2014 Home Coming 55th Birthday Party for MHS Mascot Nedlam

Presented $16,000 in academic awards of $1,000 each to graduating

seniors, five in class years of 2012, 2013 and six in 2014.

Besides awarding scholarships, the MHSAA fund-raising has provided resources to help Principle Dana Brown to meet the needs of those students struggling economically.

Inducted seven members into the newly established MHSAA Hall of Fame.

Sponsored rededication ceremonies for the Jenkins Auditorium.

Purchased books from the Malden Reads program for the high school library.”

Sponsored one-man concert in Jenkins Auditorium

featuring alum Joey“Voices” Noone.

Co-sponsored “Class Clowns return to Malden High,”

featuring working comics who graduated MHS.

Saved and restored numerous MHS historical artifacts,

including framed portraits of some past head masters.

Hall of Fame 2014
Nedlam Birthday
Nedlam Hall of Fame 2014


Hall of Fame Nominees

The Malden High School Alumni Association is urging the Malden community to submit nominations for the second group of graduates to be inducted into the MHS Hall of Fame.

The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to recognize MHS alumni for exceptional achievement in their chosen careers or for their outstanding contributions to the Malden community and beyond.

All nomination forms must be received by Feb. 14, 2015, Valentine’s Day. An induction banquet will be held on Friday, May 1, 2015, to honor the inductees.

To be considered, all applications must be complete and those who are nominating people must use a separate form for each nominee.

A special committee headed up again this year by Ellie Cushing (’71) and Fred Feldman (’67) will review the submissions and make selections. Those nominated last year but not selected are included in this year’s pool. Those not selected this year will remain in the pool for future consideration.

The nomination forms, a bright gold, will be available at the Malden High office, the Malden Public Library, the Malden City Hall lobby and the Malden Senior Center. It will also be available for download from the MHSAA website,

Nomination forms may be mailed to MHSAA, P.O. Box, 47, Malden, Ma. 02148 or emailed to Joanne Iovino at or Diane Lind at

        If you have questions, call Joanne at

781-321-3568 or Diane at 781-944-1368.

The Hall of Fame was founded in 2014 by the MHSAA to celebrate exceptional accomplishments of alumni and contributions to the school community by alumni and others.

Alumni become eligible for nomination 10 years after graduation in such categories as the arts, business, community service, education, government, meda, military service and the sciences.

Inducted last year were: Boston Globe columnis Kevin Cullen (’77), international war crimes judge Phillip Weiner (’72), television news anchor Heather (Kahn) Braver (’85), linguist James Matisoff (’54), rock singer/song writer Gary Cherone (’79), cartoonist Keith Knight Jr. (’84), and pioneer women’s rights advocate Judge Emma (Fall) Schofield (1902).

Permanent plaques commemorating the inductees will be displayed in Malden High School.

Contact: David D. Haskell


Mail: of Fame Mail: of Fame Mail: of Fame Nomination Form